Saturday, January 22, 2011

Since I have admitted openly

that Friday the 13th the Series is my favorite TV series is only short hop until I admit that

Mr. Frost is one of my favorite movies

....I guess I have a thing for Jeff Goldblum, cause Powder and The Fly are on my list also.

I only have a handful of VHS tapes that I held back in the mass exodus that happened many years ago. (thanks to Johnny for giving me a copy of Fright Night on have no idea what that meant to hold a copy in my hands again, no matter the condition, thank you!!)

Unfortunately I gave hundreds of them away, many of them are now in the hands of a family member that I...well, we don't talk, .....I am admittedly a difficult person and tend to overcompensate in the most unhelpful ways ... anyway in my moments of lack of self esteem when I thought being nice held some value (the frog queen is an idiot) I gave away a lot of horror VHS videos that I should not have.

See, we used to be horror buddies.

There are times that I really miss that we both had such similar interests, including the love of the movie....

.......Mr. Frost (and as silly as it may seem.....Vibes! :D )

Every year around this time when I am seeped (Halloween is over.....I can watch movies!!!) in the horror genre, I think back and miss the relationship. But life is what it is....people are who they are.

And I love Mr. Frost and sometimes miss my brother....... so what does that make me, except a silly frog queen :D


If you have not seen Mr. Frost....find a is pretty good.  Just my opinion....I am sure that my more informed horror blogger will disagree.....but then life is full of that is it not?

Okay. back to prop building and back to leaving the horror film blogging to the professionals!


  1. people gots to love somethin'...

    jeff is so underrated. i still think in his work from jurassic park, the nail pulling off in the fly... or that scene from independence day, you know the one...

    happy sunday!

  2. Jeff Goldblum has the best, most expressive eyes! I'll watch anything with him in it!

  3. Huge Cyndi Lauper fan so of course I love Vibes. Went to 2 of her concerts last year. Love jeff in Jurassic Park too. Forgot about Powder.

  4. I am a huge Jeff Goldblum fan! And I've never seen this. *blush*

    Tracking it down now....

  5. Ah, I forgot all about this movie....
    I'll check it out again, thanks to you!

  6. I've actually had this one on my Netflix que for a while because I'm a pretty big Jeff Goldblum fan too.

    Also, without getting too much into it, I know what you mean about losing a "horror buddy." Every time I watch a horror movie I'm reminded about it.


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