Friday, January 21, 2011

Sitting here with my pumpkin spice tea

thinking. Which for anyone who knows me...."thinking" truly a happening :D

Anyway, have a lot going on. I think, okay I am pretty sure, I have over committed myself. But I am dealing with it. As always, I will work it out. It is just the time between now and then that sucks :)

So for a moment I stepped away from my mirror (yes, you bloggers that have let me know that this blog is a bit narcissistic.....I know, I know...but that is another post) and looked around at what else is happening in my world I noticed many things, like I really need to do laundry, finish up more thank you notes, mail out the last of the Xmas gifts.....and wait, what is this? I still have not gotten my Hauntcast subscription set up! (User error on my part)....and it is mid January, I should really take the wreath off the door :D

Back to the Hauntcast business. I know I am very late to the party and many of you fantastic and good looking bloggers have done a great job preaching the virtues of Hauntcast from your Halloween decorated soap boxes. You are all better bloggers than me.....I bow to your awesomeness and thank you.

I do not want anyone to think that my lack of posting on this matter is a reflection of my support. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I completely support Hauntcast. I love Halloween and all things associated with the whole creepy lot. Anything that brings us closer together is worth supporting.

I know that there has been "debate" on all sides of the subscription business, I am not here to get into that....remember this blog is all about me :) I am writing this because I am one of those haunters that thinks that Hauntcast is worth $12 a year of my money. As simple as that.

I would give away another subscription with this post....but to me honest I have not even been able to work out my original gift subscription - Baker and I are playing phone tag :)  So instead of me giving one away.....if you have $12 to spare and you want to help someone in our beloved haunt community, go now and subscribe. 

Tell you what, this I can do.  Anyone that signs up for Hauntcast between today and February 1 I will give them some Davis Graveyard swag.  I have energy drinks, and t-shirts (limited supply so first come first served).  I will give you one......just post here that you subscribed and I will contact everyone after the February 1 and get your item out to you.

I know DG swag is not a big pull.....but for now it is all I got.

Alright I am getting off my soap box and back to prop making!!  Thanks for listening everyone.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the mention and for offering the coveted DG swag!

  2. I also support HauntCast but have not posted anything related to its current situation yet. I need to do that very soon. Nice idea for the DG swag!


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