Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If I have to pick a favorite graveyard

this one would not be it....but it would be in the top 10 :) Oh, that was so mean of me to bait you in with that title.

To be honest, when I blog post I just start typing....I imagine if I really put some effort into writing them I would come up with much wittier intros.....anyway, as with most of my life....it comes down to time, which I have less and less of all the time.

So fast and barely inspired post titles it is.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah....one of my favorite graveyards in St. Andrews in Scotland. Let me start by saying that this is a beautiful town. If you are over that way - go there. You will love it. If you golf, I believe this is Mecca for you :D Anyway, not a golfer, but love graveyards.

And this is a good one. I would normally have more pictures, but this is my 3rd or 4th trip to this place so I was being more of a tour guide than a photographer. The story of this city and this cathedral, imparticular is astounding. At one time this was one of the largest churches ever built. If you have been there (or go there) you will be stuck by the utter size of the ruins.....this place must have been as larger or larger than Westminster Abbey. That is remarkable.

It is gone now (thanks Henry) but the graveyard that they built around and in its place is striking. It has a wide assortment of tombstone styles which probably explains my liking it so. So I share with you my blogger friends one of the real graveyards that inspires our display.


  1. oh my gosh, i could be in there for days... taking photos of everything. thank you for sharing these.

  2. The set of four matching tombs with a space for the head carved out are really unusual and creepy.

  3. Without confirming this, and if some wise person knows better than me, please comment.

    I would guess from their location and the fact that they are in the ground that these were bodies that were buried in the church under the floor. That does happen, you will go into many churhes where there are bodies buried under the church and the floor above them is carved. I believe this happens primarily/mostly for clergy.

    I think that makes them extra creepy :)


  4. Ok, those are creepy, spooky, chilling. I'm a huge graveyard lover, but I don't think I would be caught there after 4pm, LOL. Yikes.

    And so many tan or beige looking stones - very cool.

  5. The more I read your posts about the various graveyards you visited, the more I am convinced that my first trip to Europe will be in Scotland. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures.

  6. A ghoul's delight, hope to visit someday Froggie!


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