Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am not kidding when I say

that we work on Halloween stuff all year long.

Currently among the crew we are trying to find the best way to dry monster mud fast, in the winter and indoors, something portable and hopefully cheap.  So the emails that are flying around are all over the board....from quite serious and thoughtful designs, dare I say almost engineered (I believe the latest email even had a diagram.  Yes, we take ourselves very seriously :D).....to my favorite comment...coming from the exact person I would expect to make me laugh so hard tea comes out my nose....

His response to husbands email about what we can build on site (at a convention) to dry monster mud or tombstones in cold weather or indoors.

Toph's response:

I say we light everything on fire.

Drywall mud shouldn't burn.

(to be fair he did go on to provide a more practical solution.....but this one is the funniest.)

Funny always wins with me.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love our crew!


  1. Okay...where the hell can I buy "monster mud"? I've heard so many haunters talk about the stuff, but when I go to craft stores looking for it, they look at me as if I have an octopus growing on my head! Arrgh!

  2. Gill-Man: Here's a great recipe, 'cause you can't buy the stuff!

    FQ_ I actually have a heater/air conditioning unit that also takes the moisture out of the air. You just have to empty the collection bin from time to time. Hope that helps...

  3. Thanks ShellHawk! Well, that certainly explains the blank looks I was getting! Ha! The stuff is a home-made concoction! I shoulda known!!!

  4. Gill-Man, my man, I really need to see this octopus- if you can manage a decent Cthulhu impression at Michael's, you're my hero, dude. ;)

  5. Shellhawk's got it right: a heater/dehumidifier. Should speed up the process well, if you can decently enclose the work area.

    By the way, my word verification is 'fecto'. It makes me giggle.

  6. @ Antipaladin: Oh dude, that made my day! "Cthulhu impression" Ha!

  7. You could always build a closet that is filled with space heaters and crank up the volume!


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