Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now for something merry

Not usually a post title for someone who has a Halloweenish blog :D

Warning....more vacation photos!
Here are pictures of the Merry Maiden stone circle in Cornwall.  This was great to see....just sitting in the middle of a field with crops all around it....not a living soul in sight. 

I do just love stone circles.  The fact that we do not know why they exist - we have ideas, but no one "knows" for sure - is just fascinating to me.  Have to stop when ever I see one.

Frog Queen in Cornwall

Using cooper rods to show the ley line that is built on - BTW - these were fun to play with!

Lovely are they not.


  1. Very lovely indeed! And I find the whole ley line thing fascinating as well. So many mysteries these places hold, so much ancient knowledge. Thanks for sharing! :o)

  2. yep, fascinating and mystical...great pics!

  3. I love how stone circles are found in the middle of fields out in the country, sometimes with sheep and cows wandering around.


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