Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There was something very familar

about the show that Husband got me watching.

Me sitting and watching a show with him is truly a happening. I am not really that keen on most run of the mill TV shows. But this one was not your typical show. Probably why I liked it so much.....and likely why it is no longer on the air.

That happens with all my favorites (US shows)

Time Express (I was just a wee princess at the time this stared Vincent Price - what is not to like)
Friday the 13th The Series (All time favorite)
American Gothic (I absolutely LOVED this show)
Firefly (Still bitter about this one)
Carnivale (Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - how did this manage to get canceled?)
Dead Like Me (I am a complete push over for anything Mandy Patinkin is in - even Chicago Hope and Criminal Minds, but only the episodes he was in)
The Riches  (Yes, I only liked it because Eddie Izzard was in it)

I was watching our latest find, "Pushing Daisies" and said this feels a lot like "Dead Like Me" - to which husband grabs the laptop, Googles it - and I a good :D - it is written by the same guy. No wonder I liked it :D

And it is canceled......crap. Back to watching Supernatural - which by the way - I know some of you will not like me for saying kinda weak this season.  The show has lost the sense of humor that made it work for me.*

I ordered the first four seasons of Qi - which, we have always loved seeing when we travel to the UK.  I do love Stephen Fry.  When those arrive, that should make me feel better :)

* I know, I know....I have no idea what I am talking about, just use my list of favorite TV shows as proof! :D


  1. I adore Stephen Fry too! But this is the first I have heard of QI -- thanks so much for the info and the link to Wikipedia. Hmmm, may have to look into acquiring those DVDs too! For Christmas, I got a copy of "Stephen Fry in America" and am looking forward to watching it.

  2. Yup. I could probably watch Mandy Patinkin knit for a half hour on tv and be happy about it. And like you, I've seen every single Criminal Mind episode he was in, and don't care much for the rest.

  3. Oh see.. there is another reason I like you so much... 4 of my top 10 all time favorite shows too...

    I wept when Dead Like me was cancelled, but was over myself with excitement when our local movie gallery went out of business last summer and I scored the entire collection on DVD for $6 yes the ENTIRE collection...

    Pushing Daisies, The Riches, and Firefly as well...sigh....

  4. I may have to check out Pushing Daisies now...I kept hearing great things about it but never looked into, but since I loved Dead Like Me...

  5. One thing she forgot to mention is it is right up our Halloween Alley. Boy touches dead stuff and turns it back to life after 1 min something else has to die but if he touches it again it dies.

    Lots of dead stuff in it.

  6. Pretty respectable list of shows right there....
    Good TV seems to be ll about the writing.

    I've been meaning to check out Dead Like Me.


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