Monday, January 31, 2011

It was just a comment

I posted on his blog.....but Mike over at The Skull & Pumpkin (Public House) blog did a great post about two of my favorite "ghostie" type traditional folk songs.  Head on over there and get a little history lesson on John Barleycorn (must die) and the Unquiet Grave - I do love both those songs.

I did mention that my favorite versions, or the ones most played on my iPod are by Robin Laing.  Here are links to both versions that are especially close to my heart.

John Barleycorn - Robin Laing

The Unquiet Grave - Robin Laing

For those of you that are whiskey fans - he has three CDs of songs dedicated exclusively to the "breath o' the land" - The Angel's Share, his first in the set, is my favorite.

Thanks to The Skull & Pumpkin  for the cool post.  I am really honored! 


  1. Thanks for the cool tuneful links, your Majesty!

    "The Unquiet Grave" is the kind of mournful and mopey song that puts me in a happy mood!

  2. My favorite goth band, Faith and the Muse, also has a nice version of "The Unquiet Grave". Now I've got to hear your Robin Laing's version.


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