Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not a Dr. Who fan? Skip this one

I really try to make everything as haunt related as possible.....I admit that I slip up a lot more than I like...but you might find he Halloweenish reference if you are looking for them and you really stretch your imagination :D

Anyway, we are big Doctor Who fans forever.....both of us watched them as kids and love the latest we knew since we were traveling to the UK that we really wanted to see if we could get to Cardiff to see the exhibit and visit the filming locations....just kinda geek out.  This was all planned and we were happy.

Them when we booked out stay in Penzance I found that there was another (smaller) exhibit in Land's End, a short taxi ride away.  Double score!! 

So we made our way to Land's end......because it is the "end of the land" at one time.....but mostly for this.

My Halloween tie case you missed them were...the skeleton in the suit from the "Library" Episode, the scarecrow from the "The Family of Blood" episode and notice that the Cyperman is standing in admittedly rather poor looking graveyard.

See, skeletons, scarecrows and a graveyard.....I did it!

Okay, I know that was weak.....but it is all I got.  I promise the next post will have graveyard pictures in it.....hopefully that redeems me to everyone :)

......and yes, that is the FQ standing next to the Tardis :)


  1. Dr Who fan here!!!
    Fun stuff. Another blogger and I were discussing the Weeping Angels just a few days ago.

  2. Awesome pictures!
    Sounds like you had a great visit.

  3. I hope you took the Tardis out for a spin while you were there!

  4. So awesome. I bet you had a blast. I'd be giggling the whole time.

  5. I think we both let out a squeal while we were there.

  6. Be still my pounding fangirl heart. I have people take photos for me on vacation of Doctor Who stuff. One day I will finish the clockwork droid dress.

  7. While I haven't seen much of the revived series (I know, I know, I'm a BAD geek), I grew up with the original. I'd totally geek out over this if I was there! Just to stand next to the TARDIS or a Dalek would be TOO cool!


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