Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is proof of how behind

I am on things.

In contrast this seems funny in comparison to a very nice blogger who told me today they were surprised how well I kept up on my blogging......ha!   I got these lovely gifts from a fellow blogger in October....let me is now...ah, yeah, January :D     Yes, I am so on top of things. :)

Here are some lovely gifts that Carrie over at Creepy Cupcakes made for me for helping her with her wedding (long distance) last year...actually a little longer ago than that.   

Anyway, are these not lovely, all hand made.  I used the black eye mask (second from the bottom) as part of my Halloween costume this year. 

They do look rather lovely on Apollo :D

Thanks Carrie - you really did not have to do that.  But I really appreciate it.

Many happy returns to you and your luv!


  1. Oooh....very nice giftys you got there. I love the masks. And you ARE a good blogger. Way better than me anyway, and you do more than one too. I feel so inadequate...ha! Thanks! ;o)


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