Monday, October 25, 2010

Dan is telling me

how Ed at Nightmare Factory just loves us and on and on (Dan went back down on Friday to reweb some of the haunt).....That is great we love him too. I think that is apparent in the fact that we and the crew spent a LOT of time in Salem. We are all a generous group, so it is just our way.

And speaking of our crew this is what this blog post is about.

When I talk about the "crew" I am usually referring to the core crew

Dan and Elyssa and Toph and Dawn

These four people (and their brilliant and equally creative children) practically live at our house most of the summer and fall (an even work on projects at home), they are more like family than friends. So although Jeff and I are out there all the time promoting it, there really is more to the Davis Graveyard than the Davis'. I would say that the biggest part of this display has very little to do with us.

Every time that I go to a convention and talk about what we do it makes me sad that I cannot afford to take them all with us so that you can meet them, they are the most amazing and creative people, you would really like them.

We could not do it without them and many others that help whenever we ask for it. Just to name a few:

Marci & Nick
Lisa & Matt

There are others, but those people have gone beyond helping for a weekend or two (and I do appreciate everyone that helps!!!). They not only help with projects but help us come up with ideas to improve or promote the display in our community and in the haunt world. I am a very blessed frog queen indeed to have such an amazing group of people in my life. I can guarantee you that without them. The display would not happen. Period.

I also have to acknowledge the beginning of this whole project. Although what you see today completely pales the early years.....what you see today would not have happened without the help of my family, my sister and both of my brothers, my mother and my grandmother...although one of them is not with me, and the others have found "lives" (and I can't blame them) they have to be given fair and generous credit for starting this with their "crazy" sister/daughter/granddaughter.

Just like I wish I could take the crew to the conventions, I do wish I could get you all bright shinny things or piles of money to thank you - I really do. But "thanks" will have to do for now.

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