Monday, October 4, 2010

I need a weekend

to get over my weekend!

It started this past Friday.....well, actually it started earlier than that, but let's start there anyway :)

Our lovely little city has this thing called First Friday where they feature art and music in all the local businesses, and this Friday we got to feature our friend Marci Brandt's photos of the yard in our local wine bar called Wine:30 - we spent the week decorating it for the art show.

I ordered a set of 5 different postcard print of her pictures to offer as a more affordable choice, they arrived Friday afternoon, so I was in the bar putting them in bundles to sell Friday afternoon. I will get them on Etsy later this week.....if I live that long :D

While I was hosting that party.....husband was down the street for the grand opening of a kinetic sculpture garden at City Hall that the Art Committee (he is president) has been working on for about a year. It is very cool, I will go down and take some pictures this week. I spent time this week helping design and print flyers for the event/garden.....cause sleeping is for woosies :D

On top of that, we were silly enough to suggest that the Art Committee also have a scarecrow contest (cause we are trying to make Milwaukie "Halloween Town"), so that was also announced on Friday....husband, again doing the honors.

Despite all the craziness, we had a great time on Friday (thanks to the crew who made it down for a visit) and definitely kept the crew at Wine:30 a bit later than they wanted to stay....I am still trying to think of something as an apology gift :D

Oh, and I got some spiders in the mail......

Then the final set up (well, what was supposed to be) weekend started....but that is a whole different blog post.


  1. Need I say it? "No rest for the wicked!"

  2. I'm getting tired just reading your post. I think I need to pour a glass of wine and relax. :)

  3. "wussies" luv. I'm pretty sure "woosies" are a different critter altogether... ;)

  4. :D are right....I am a different critter altogether :)



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