Tuesday, October 19, 2010

While we are speaking of cats

I could say that Hal cannot read....but he truth of the matter is, he does not care.....it is his yard, he can go where ever he pleases.  And he does.

I believe he enjoyed flaunting the fact that he can walk in the yard and they could not.

And in usual cat style, he could not be coaxed to look at the camera.  Really, there were three of us calling him and he snubbed us all :)  He is such a Diva!

(thanks again to Dawn for the picture.)


  1. Rules? Cats don't follow no stinkin' rules!

  2. Ha ha....
    A common cat attitude.

  3. I'm in your graz, breakin' your rulz, 'n ignorin your sinez.

  4. you just gotta' love cats...they are so bloody superior!

  5. Hal looks just like my Miss Kitty. Totally awesome.

  6. Ha...that made me laugh! Just like a cat to deliberately thwart the rules and then rub it in your face for good measure! ;o)


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