Monday, October 25, 2010

He nailed it

I was not sure what to think of all the tents and the traps that we had to put up for our party this weekend (Thanks Matt for helping us set them up). It was a lot of things....attractive is not one of them. It definitely had me lowering my standards.....I just could not put my finger on exactly what was wrong with the set up, and then, that is when Toph (who very graciously helped us all day Saturday - and I apologize for trying to kill him at least twice :D) ...anyway, back to, he said

"Looks like an upscale Haitian neighborhood with all the tarps and tents and plastic chairs" (not meaning that offensively, if you know Toph, he is totally saying it like it is.)

It did look a little slummy in the yard...... :D

One thing we did not think about is that it was really dark under the tents.....Made me wish I had not given away all my christmas lights :D Who knew they had a purpose for Halloween.

It is the first time in about 8 years that it has rained on the party, so I guess we were due.

I really hope no one noticed in the dark. I have to say it was better than being rained on all night :D

Oh my it raining..... it rained the whole evening. It rained so much this weekend that we did not put the effects out on Saturday or Sunday - too wet to be plugging electrical cords.

In fact it is raining right now....

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  1. Hey, it's raining here too! Gotta love that coastal climate. I'm betting that it was tons of fun despite the rain. :)


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