Monday, October 25, 2010

I believe that my iq drops

this time of year. Seriously I had/have so much going on right now that when someone sent me this link. I totally bought it. Which not usual for me. I am usually the first person to check something out. Normally I am going to be one of the biggest skeptics you will meet.

So how did this happen? I am going use the I have been busy beyond busy this month. Husband and I have talked about it several times and we (more, I) keep coming back to the fact that we completely lost two weeks of our lives to the Extreme Home Makeover project.....but whatever the excuse we both feel like we are least 10 steps behind this year. Things are working out....but we are making a lot of compromises - more than we are comfortable with :)

Not that I want complete control of everything, but I really feel that this month of October is getting too big for us to handle effectively.

So I apologize for anyone that saw my post on facebook about the fake Baptist website :) I will have to say I got a lot of other things forwarded my way that were not quite as scary, but unfortunately very real. I would post them, I really don't want to give those Halloween hating asshats any free publicity. (thanks to those of you who sent them to made the frog queen cry :D)

Hang in there with me people, we are almost through update. Spiderfest 2010 kicks the pouring rain of course :D

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