Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I will say it again

there is a reason that I take pictures of my props in the yard.  Case in point....take this picture of "Margie".

I can see that I need to arrange the branches a bit differently so that it does not look like I just tossed them around the statue.

And those bunches of lilies at the base that I painted the stems black on?  Yeah, they do not work with all the organic treatments....they gotta move.

I know what I am working on tonight.

Plus we tested the video on this prop and the nose is way too wide and the cheeks are too shallow.  I am not sure I can get to the cheek bones in time, but I am taking a dremel with a polishing bit to the nose tonight to see if I can shape it smaller and narrower.

I would love to test it, but it appears that I have passed my plague onto husband, so he is now feeling miserable :(  It is the new projector that is supposed to be ultra easy to work, so maybe I will drag it out and give it a try.  I need to set up the base that painted last night for it out in the yard anyway.

I will take pictures of the new projector stands that we built this year....I believe like usual, this is version #3 and it looks like a winner :D


  1. I wish I could visit your haunt in person -- it looks wonderful already!

  2. I feel for you, the work you put into your setup is amazing and your eye to perfection DOES matter...iz soooo guuuddd!


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