Tuesday, October 12, 2010

See, I told you his eyes

look like lasers :D  We still need to adjust his eyes a bit.

But more importantly, here is the second draft version of the ghost horse effect.  This is projected in front of the hearse.  It is our friend Sara's horse named Legacy (beautiful name) filmed up against her arena.  As you can see you there are shadows and you can see where the building ends and the concrete foundation starts (concrete shows up as that white border along the bottom)....not exactly perfect, but looks great from street level at night.

We have Sara working to see if she can get Legacy to walk on a blue tarp (no easy feat if you know horses) so that we can get re film and get a consistent background that is easy to remove in the editing software.

If it works, I will be sure to post pictures of the new version.

So love our ghost horse, the kids think it is great!  Thanks Sara (and Kelly!)


  1. OMG that looks totally freaking AWESOME!

  2. Ghost horse is a superb effect. I don't know how you guys do all that you do in such a short time! I was exhausted after putting up our few things and I said to my husband..."you think you're tired? Imagine how the Davis' feel right about now!" It helps me keep my self pity in check! ;o)

  3. That is fanfreakintastic!! And you're right...your lighting on the tombstones is perfect. I wish I had more room to spread out in my itty bitty front yard.

    I do what I can, but one day I hope to grow up and be the Davis'.

  4. That looks fantastic. But that is no surprise, all you do looks great!


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