Thursday, October 7, 2010

You do all know

that I am insane, right?  Just want to make sure that we clarify that.

I mean if you have hung out here more than know this (and yet you keeping coming back......)

So a while ago I had a plan to do something fun like a blog or facebook page about the sh*t that gets said in the graveyard.....cause as a crew we are quite silly and sometimes vulgar....but always entertaining...even if it is just ourselves.

Anyway....that has not happened yet...maybe next year.

But lately, I have found that they do say some funny things....just as a matter of fact.  So my new Frog Queen Folly is going to be around quotes that amuse me.

Like my friend Dawn saying "I am trying to figure out what shade of black this is

Things that make me smile.

So here we have a new segment called "Tales from the Court"  (You know, cause I am a queen...anyway)  We are going to start with my friend Karyn

She came over to help last night and we went out for a glass of wine at Wine:30 so that she could see the decorations and Marci's pictures.

We walk in, she looks at all the decorations......and I say.

"Look familiar?"

To which she says "Yeah, looks like home."

Why, yes, yes it does. Made me smile.  I could not have said it better myself :D


  1. funny.... I cracked up at your "first" comment on that MSN link.... "Your paper Mache pumpkin is an act of suburban aggresion"
    -Read it before work yesterday and smirked all day long....

  2. Shade of black - I love it! And I think I'd feel very at home at a place called "Wine:30" - lol!

  3. So where's these Halloween frogs I keep hearing about?


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