Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You will never guess

what some of the walls at the Nightmare Factory (The Extreme Home Makeover project) are made of....no, never.....

Unless you guess

Pink foam.....then you would be correct :D  Wow, how did you EVER guess that?!  :D

I don't think there is a pro haunt out there without some pink foam on the walls.....

and there might be some brick walls.....I know HUGE surprise, a haunt with a brick wall, how original! :D  I bet it will now become all the rage! :D

I am just amusing myself now, thanks to all of you for laugh at me or with me.  Either is fine with me.

Well, since the Extreme Home Makeover people have the pictures of the haunt locked down....this is about all I can show you for now......

(Thanks to Dawn - I stole her pictures :D)


  1. I am now posting all crew/display photos with the discalimer that "All photos are the property of the DG/photographer" so steal away!

    PS. You should have a copy of all the photos I took this year shortly!

  2. I just came inside from painting some pink foam! The stuff is amazing. Makes for some great tombstones.


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