Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I just love

ShellHawk.  Like I said before, not only is she funny, talented and beautiful (like all the rest of my followers) :)

She make the coolest stuff.  Her ceramic work just gets better and better.  Do yourself a favor and head on over to her Etsy shop and see her latest creations.  But stay away from the salt & pepper shakers....those are mine :)

Now that I think about it....I should not have to tell you about should be clicking the link to her Etsy site often, you need this stuff people.  Really you do.

Thanks Shell, beautiful work as always.


  1. Gosh, thanks!

    I really do all these things for the fellow Hallowe'en nuts who can't find exactly what they want. It's great to know that my pieces delight so many folks!

  2. Great stuff!
    It looks like my bedroom.


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