Saturday, October 23, 2010

I will always be a big supporter

or Halloween or Haut Conventions.  Of course Hauntcon is my favorite (just in case Leonard reads my blog) but I have had a great time at all the gatherings and conventions we have attended.
This past summer we attended the first West Coast Haunters Convention, along with meeting all kinds of lovely haunters from all over (ShellHawk and Bloodshed Brothers) I got to met Terry.

Terry is great (originally from the UK - the accent caught my attention immediately.)   He has done some amazing detail work on his columns, stone work to cover the garage and tombstones.  I had no idea he was so was just a real joy to meet him and talk to him all weekend.  You find your world gets a lot larger when you are around other haunters....kinda feel less alone in the universe.

So, frog queen followers, let me introduce you all to Mize Cemetery and Haunt.  Click the link for more pictures.

Now, back to prop building.


  1. awe, Yer never alone! *hugs* Glad to see you had such a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great link.

  3. It has been forever since I could visit you. Glad to be back. Boy the cemetery looks fab... Please stop by to enter my Visa Gift Card Giveaway and many blessings your way!!


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