Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let me start by saying

that it was a very polite and nice lady, with about six really cutely dressed kids in full Halloween costumes,  that said to me as I getting in my car in front of the house:

"I just want to request that you not run you display tomorrow, in order to observe the lord's day"

Now...husband and I had just come from a late breakfast and noticed that one of the lovely establishments by our house was having a "truck or treat" for the little kids.  It was cute...we barely noticed...except for everyone was in costume.

On Saturday....which is no big deal....except for Halloween is on Sunday.

I say any opportunity you have to wear your costume go for it....

I am not sure these people share my enthusiasm.

Anyway...I sighed and said:

"No, thanks for asking"

She said: " Thanks, I,  had to ask, have a nice day."


You know what?  I thought of a lot of things that I should have said.....and when I talked to some of the can bet they had their fare share of "suggestions". :D

But still....the I go with my gut.  I should have said.......

You know what I really wanted to say to her?

I bet you do :D

Before I tell you......I ask you this?

What would you have said?

Yes, I am .....

Back to prop building....cause I so know you are not done yet?

Just like the rest of us!!! :D


  1. I probably would have said exactly the same thing you said. The fact that she was polite and didn't push the issue would have kept me polite about it as well.

    And no, I'm not done yet. How did you know?

    Happy Halloween!! :D

  2. i would have invited her over and told her god was coming to your party dressed as a devil. he has a wonderful sense of humor you know. look...he made her! happy halloween! btw...was the woman sarah palin? maybe it was that idiot hasselback from the view!

  3. I would have probably said (with a smile), "No worries, I was planning on waiting until 5:59pm (sunset) to start... By then the Lord would have had his day..."
    Back to building:)
    Happy Haunting!!!!

  4. I am SO tired of 'those kind of people'! I commend you for your kind response...not sure I could have pulled that off.

  5. I'm with Halloween Spirit, politeness breeds politeness. Any sarcasm would have met with ill will. (Besides, you don't want to spook the kids who probably just rolling their eyes.)

  6. You handled it well. Responding politely first always allows you the option of dropping to a DefCon 1 response if the need arrives.

    After all, Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg on The View have shown how ugly intolerance of other people's opposing views really are. ;>


  7. Even though she was speaking in a polite tone of voice, exactly how polite is it, to ask others to give up something, just because it "offends" her morals? Sometimes you do have to walk away, instead of stooping to their level.

  8. i would have smiled and told her that jeebus created everything to be loved... then i would have spoken in the devil's tongue... like a backwards record..

    Happy Halloween... may there be treats, not tricks...

  9. She was polite, you were polite. She asked a polite question, you provided a polite answer and she provided a polite response. This is the way it should have been handled and both of you handled it beautifully.

    Now, if we can only get our government to work like this.

    So you'll not feel left out, my mother asked me not to run my haunt tonight. She asked politely, I declined politely (which surprises me because she didn't pull out Mother's Bazooka of Guilt and aim it at my head)
    Happy Halloween!!!!!!

  10. I think I would have worked some reference in about celebrating the Lord and LADY'S day!

  11. A most magical and enchanting Halloween to you Frog Queen, the Queen of Halloween! Have a great night! :o)
    ~ Wendy

  12. The first thing I thought when reading this one was 'what would I say' and I decided it would go something along the lines of.... "well, ummm... uh. errr.... JAYSON!! There's someone here to see you!!" He's so much nicer than I am. He would have handled it politely like you, with class, and gotten the polite answer back that you got. Very dignified, no cursing or threatening like my way would have been.... LOL. Good job :) HAPPY BIG DAY!!! :)

  13. Yeah. It's such a strange thing. Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs and practices, but I am baffled when they think they have the right to ask others - in their own time, on their own property, despite whatever their own beliefs are - to bend to what they think is proper.

    I mean, Jewish people generally aren't known to asking all their neighbours to stop everything to acknowledge Sabbath. Maybe it's that whole "Go spread the word" message of the evangelistic type, and they've decided that means tell everyone what to do based on their faith, from grocery shopping to parking lots ("Jesus would like it if you gave me that parking spot").

    It's really really weird.

    Sarcasm wasn't needed. You played the right card.

    But it would have been fun to say something like "We'd rest, but we're not as efficient as God and need more than 7 days".

    Or "Ok, I'll rest tomorrow, but you have to use energy efficient light bulbs, become a vegetarian and vote democrat if we're swapping core belief practices."

    It's nice that she was polite, but she was rude in asking so it kinda cancels itself out.

    In that vein, you could have said "Oh, but it's too late to reschedule Satan for Monday".

  14. I would have been polite too. No need to be rude unless it is necessary.

  15. While I was out haunting my yard tonight, thankfully on a Sunday night, I was thinking the only good thing about having Halloween on October 30th instead of the 31st would be that I could sit inside and watch all the cool shows and movies that are always on tv on Halloween night. That would be the ONLY thing. I'm glad my county decided that Halloween is, in fact, on October 31st.

    As for that lady, I think I would have responded the way you did, but I would have really liked to hiss at her like a cat and make a really mean looking face.

  16. Very well handled, my dear. But we all know you're nicer than I am.

    I would have said something similar, but in my mind, I might have said, "Would you mind not having the lord's day today? It's interfering with my religious beliefs."


    "Oh, I was going to ask if you all could move Christmas to the third Saturday in December, because it would be so much more convenient for me."


    "Well, gee, there are about a thousand people expecting to come out here with their kids tonight to see it and have a good time, but since you asked so nicely, I guess I'll cancel it. Just for you. But would you mind terribly standing out here with a bullhorn to tell them you asked me to cancel when they plan to come here with their kids every single year and have done so for the past ten years? Thanks, ever so."


    "Suck it."

    I swear, even Miss Manners would have been politely appalled at her breach of etiquette.

  17. Personally, I think you handled it well. As a Christian, I probably would have been even more annoyed than you were (those are the folks that make the rest of us cringe). In the end, if it had been my haunt, I probably would have said "I personally don't believe that God has a problem with this display at all. I believe that Halloween is a time for kids to face and overcome fear in a constructive and fun way, and I wouldn't dream of letting the kids down by not having my haunt".

    If she didn't like that...well, then I'd just walk away...and go get my chainsaw! ;-)

  18. My response when she told me was...Even if I wanted to cancel it how could I? The road block signs are already rented. The police are scheduled to be here. The kids and families are coming and the decorations have been up for a month. There is no sign in the world that I could put up that would stop all of that. If they wanted to ask us they should have done it in early September.

    Jez, these religious folks have no common sense!

  19. I'm Christian and to this day I can't understand why some Christians hate Halloween. I also don't get why people are throwing politics into the mix but while were still doing that: ghoulishcop, its joy-less behar, get it right.


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