Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well, it is sort of new

It is the same letters, but we had an arch made to go over the gate rather than attach to the gate.  We originally wanted the letters to fit in between the mental rather than on top, but it was hard to read them, so we placed them above.  I am going to need to design some scroll work or something for the space below the letters....but that will have to wait until next year....this will do for now.

Now, if I can just convince husband to let me keep it up all year :D


  1. Haha - I was about to say "why not just leave up all the time?" Looks great!

  2. Thanks to Preston Bishop for making this frame for us. It turned out great from my simple sketch.

  3. Oops, husband is reading the blog again...must be careful what I say :D

    Yes, thanks Preston. You are the best!


  4. i sent you an email, presents...
    hope you like them...


  5. Why not leave it up all year? He'll come around. If my husband can come to a grudging acceptance of pumpkins growing in the front yard, anything's possible! :D

  6. I would leave it up all year.


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