Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have been promising this guy

a blog post for forever.

The frog queen is quite the loser lately, but I am working on digging myself out of this pit I seem to have fallen....I was going to stay down here, but it has been raining for a while, so it is starting to turn into more of a pond than I guess I need to start climbing out......

So the very nice and ultra talented Eric Pigors (who has been featured on all the really good blogs done by responsible Halloween people already) has had all kinds of stuff going on this month with his fantastic creations.  I meant to share them sooner, but we all see how that went :D

Anyway, for those of you that for some reason completely missed all the other posts, here is my take on Eric Pigors and his Toxic Toons artwork.

First of all, and the most cool in my opinion, is his new mask with Trick or Treak Studios.  They make great masks and this creation from Eric is a perfect addition to their collection.  Be sure to check out Grusome, it is a Frankie is type mask, and you know how what fans husband and I are of all things Frankenstein.  We just love it.

And of course he has his fantastic collection of tshirts, stickers, posters, buttons, and trick or treat bags, and the like over at his ToxicToons site..  Especially his new glow in the dark shirts - perfection!

We put out information about his products at our open house and I stuffed postcards into as many of our gift bags for the party as I could.  His stuff is perfect for our Halloween loving crew.

He created us a great logo treatment for the Davis Graveyard that we are going to use for next year....I promise to post a picture when I get that all sorted.

So go head over and check out his stuff.  It is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween all year any of us need another excuse :D


  1. I have been a fan of Eric and his Toxic Toons for years now. I own over 20 of his shirts, a hoodie or two, and all of his vinyl toys, plus oodles of posters and stickers and magnets. So nice of you to show your support of his art. He and his wife rock!

  2. Yeah, Toxic Toons has LONG been a favorite of mine!Unkle Pigor's stuff just oozes Halloween atmosphere!


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