Friday, October 15, 2010

I got the best

birthday (early - my birthday is actually next month) present I have had in a really long time!!!

It is a bottle of Crystal Skull Vodka!

I know cool huh?

It is signed....

Chris, Happy Birthday! Dan Aykroyd


I know!

They even got him to sign a laminated copy of the newspaper ad for his visit.

Is that not soooooo awesome.  I have to thank one of my favorite (well she is now) workmates and my boss for thinking of me when he came to town last month!

I feel so loved!


  1. So very cool! What a fab gift! Now we both have one, except yours is way more special because my isn't signed by the head ghostbuster himself! Have a great weekend! Happy Haunting! :o)

  2. Kick-ass!! I received a bottle of it last Halloween from my mother in law. Good stuff and a cool skull to boot!!

  3. Drink the contents for your birthday and you'll be partying like the Blues Brothers!

  4. Well look at that :) It IS a good gift to get. Signed is pretty cool too!

  5. A perfect gift....
    I saw that stuff at the liquor store the other day, and considered getting myself some.

  6. That is a wicked gift - schweet!

  7. "Its triple diamond distilled" What an awesome gift!

  8. Well crap - Happy Birthday late! I've had the vodka, but damn, I wish i had the signature. Had to get Perfesser Evil to send me some from CA a couple of years ago - breaking several liquor laws I'm sure - since PA is so anal about importing alcohol. A very cool birthday gift indeed.

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  10. I am so freaking jealous!!!

    My birthday is in November too! Go Scorpios!!! *Assuming you are* Haha!

    Way jealous. That stuff isn't cheap either!

    Did I mention I was jealous?

  11. Oh My! Gotta love people who take the extra step to get you something you'd really like. So will you be in the UK for your birthday?

  12. Couple of shots of that and you'll be talking to all those spiders like they were old friends.

  13. OMG! That's the most amazing bday present I've ever seen! How awesome!!!!!

  14. That's so RAD!!! :)

    So... will you drink the Ghostbusters vodka, or not drink the Ghostbusters vodka? Decisions, decisions...

    (unrelated entirely - I just got your e-mail the other day. from, like, months ago -- I feel like a dope).


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