Friday, October 29, 2010

On my desk

in my office is a stack of CDs and DVDs that is photos and footage of the display from this year.  Would you like to see it?

Me too.

Have not had time to look at them yet, be distracted with this Halloween and vacation stuff. 

Maybe this weekend.

But we have to clean up the place because there is a wedding in the Graveyard on Halloween (Saturday night/Sunday morning) woohoo!

Oh, and I really need to get the spiders up.....if it will quit just for a few minutes...that would be nice.

So, when all else fails the frog queen goes to her LOLcats.  Sadly Dorie did not make it even to the voting no LOLcat listing for her this year.  Not sure who the frog queen has to kill  I mean what the frog queen has to do to get a picture on that site. :( 

Thanks to everyone who voted, I appreciate it.

People who did make it on the site.....I still like Dorie better :D

And this one is not Halloween related, but I love it!

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