Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It is not techincally

Karoke, it is more of a "sing along" - at least that is what we tell ourselves every year.

We usually get a few songs together and play a video version with lyrics along the bottom and sign way too loud and off key.....drinking is not only a good idea, it is mandatory.

We have done songs from Dr. Horrible, Stephen Lynch and Storm Large (last one got us a visit from the cops last year.)

This year we have a host of new songs.....this being one of them. 

Your Brains by John Colton*

A classic the instant is was recorded.  But this year in honor of our work on the Oregon School of the Deaf's haunt Nightmare Factory haunt we are going to show this cool ASL version.

Before any of you think we are being insensitive....we showed it to Ed (who runs the haunt) and he loved it - and so did the kids.

Looking forward to this one!

* Be sure to listen to his version of the Portal song.  I know I am boring you all with my Portal obsession, but it is my blog.... :)


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