Monday, August 17, 2009

Have I mentioned lately

How much I love the Brandywine Cemetery haunt? Their work is stunning - really makes me want to step up my game. We have been talking about the next steps for the display and although I started down this path of wanting everything the same set of colors, I am really warming up to the idea of this kind of realistic painting and detail.

What masters!!


  1. BWC is a fave of mine as well. I'm in love with their masoleum!

  2. Me too! Makes mine look like cra...well, not all that nice. :D


  3. You're preaching to the choir, sistah! When someone asks me what my favorite haunt is, I have to find a way to combine yours and Brandywine... something like DaviswineCemetery. Yes, something like that.

  4. I heart their stuff; and I agree with Dixie, your haunt is equally inspirational.

  5. Didn't know about that haunt. They do amazing things. Their work is inspiring as equally as yours.

    Thanks for sharing Frog Queen.


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