Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Husband has been begging

.....for a CNC machine :D (among other things :)

Up until recently, I was pretty stead fast on "No" - mostly because I do not have $10,000 around. But I think I found the company we will buy one from :D


  1. The Frog3D, very fitting. Nice machine, probably safer than the metal lathe my hubby talked me into a couple of years ago. Of course around Halloween this one could come in handy too!

  2. If he is mechanically inclined, he could build his own. There are a ton or resources (ex. on the internet.

  3. Could you imagine having a master workshop, filled with machinery like this? A ghoul can dream.

    If you get one, I'll take you up on that offer of a marketing job just so I can work & live nearby to use it. Perhaps we could set up a seasonal gig? ;)

  4. Ha, it's a frog machine! ☺


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