Friday, August 21, 2009

Time to change out the horses

Or in our case the "cats". Dorie (Door) has been on my blog a lot because I am taking pictures in the house....and she likes cameras.

But she has nothing on Hal (Halloween Cat) - this is his time of year. He lives outdoors with us all weekend and "supervises" the prop building.

We even built him a "supervisory perch" off of the top of the stairs in the shop - just so he is comfortable while doing his "job"

You will notice him in a lot of pictures between now and Halloween. He LOVES the camera, any camera - TV cameras, regular cameras, camera phones......he is a Diva! So much so that a few years ago we gave him the honored spot on our 2007 DVD as the "Easter Egg" - if you have a moment, check out

Ode to Halloween


  1. Cool video, he looks like a little character :)

  2. Your Supervisor is such a Sweetie! ♥

  3. So cute! I wish my cat loved the camera. He just looks at it with a mix of boredom and irritation.

  4. That is just adorable.... and I too, love the perch!!!


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