Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You all know I was kidding

when I said that I hated Carl at ILHM :)

He one of my favorite bloggers....and now I love him even more!!

Along with my order of Tales from the Crypt seasons 1-6, he sent me a whole stack of other movies!!! What a great guy!

All these, paired with all the props I need build....I am never going to get any sleep!!

I am more than half way through season 2 of Tales and have to say the thing that is completely distracting is all the people that were actually in the!

I believe I did see the governor of California in one....seriously, that was its own special kind of scary!!

Carl wants to compare notes about the shows so I will maybe write some my spare time!!! :D

I crack myself up sometimes!


  1. We're so watching Tales from the Crypt right now in our spare (ha!) time. We are missing season 2, but have all the rest.

    :) We should giggle over them sometime. They are so seriously good!

  2. Carrie Mae -

    ROFL!!! If I don't have any spare time...I know you don't!!! :D We will have to compare notes!!!


  3. Ack I need to get back on the wagon, I am going to fall behind ya Froggie!! Im only half way through season 3! I cant promise much with many of the extra DVDs, many were extras that I had second copies of somehow (it really mystifies me, I blame the wife). I love Funeral Home and Dementia 13 though, make them top priority ;)

  4. Thats a lot of hours of viewing pleasure right there!

  5. Carl

    Thanks again! I appreciate you helping my selection process..I will take your advice!

    Can hardly wait!


  6. That's a good stack of movies!

    And yes...write some reviews! I haven't watched "Tales..." in years and would love to hear your take!


  7. Frog - nice score! I love TFTC and would also like to request some reviews as well. =)

    One of my favorites is All Through the House from S1. that one creeped me out back in the day.


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