Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I now have two

pieces of art from another of my favorite blog buddies Chris at Spooky CK.

I know, it is not Halloween related, but it could be considered scary, depending on your opinion of King of Pop. ;)

Growing up in Southern California, I was very lucky in that a trip to Disneyland was just a 45 minute car ride away....rather than a trip my parents had to plan. So I went there often.

Any way, I saw the Captain EO show more times than I am going admit on this blog, and I have to say I loved it, and when I saw this picture that Chris (have I mentioned what a great name he has? :) did, I just had to have it. I am going to get it framed and put in the office....likely after Halloween :)

So with that, I am going to change out the featured Etsy artist on my blog to Spooky CK- check his stuff out. It is great!

Here is a shot of Dorie verify the authenticity. I knew she was good for something :)

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