Friday, August 7, 2009

I am up to

no good, as usual :D

I am working on a super secret project - now before you get all excited it is not near as cool as ShellHawk being on Hauntcast....seriously, how can anyone beat that :)
But I am working on a prop with the help of another blogger!!!! How cool is that?

Yep, PumpkinBrain has been helping me with one of the monuments in the yard. Seriously, it would not be half as cool as it is without his assistance. What a great guy!! I plan on working on it this weekend. I can hardly wait to share.

And, added bonus, since he is in Canada and I reside in the US . . . . I believe we are creating the first international collaborative prop!!!

Let me tell you it has been fun and exciting! :D


  1. Miss! Did you bring enough bloggers to share with everyone? No?
    How rude! ;Op
    I need a blogger to help me, too! How about Spooky Blue. Or Rot. Or the Captain. Or Dixie. Or.... Well, any of my followers, really. I'm not picky. Mr. ShellHawk begs off with the "it's not my talent." Cooking is his talent, so I let him off prop duty.
    Sure could use the help, though.

  2. SO COOL! I cannot wait to see what you guys are up to.

  3. Sh*t! I forgot about sharing with the class!!!! Crap!

    Am I in trouble again?

    I am having visions of evil nuns (like there is another kind?) .....darn catholic school!!!


  4. I am very happy to contribute to the Davis Graveyard. This is awesome, really! There is no better feeling that helping others. It's even better when that person is into Halloween. :-)

  5. Ah, PumpkinBrain is the best. I have lots of update pictures that I will share on Monday!!

    ShellHawk, no, BTW - sharing is not one of my strong points :D

    But I could persude some people to help you for the right yummy treats!!

    You can cook too!!! You are freakin' amazing!!!



  6. That IS exciting news! Can't wait to hear about the finished results! Oh and I expect pictures, of course. :)


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