Monday, August 24, 2009

I have mentioned

that husband is a computer programmer right? If not, husband is a computer programmer. This is important to know later in the post.

So, to be fair and no one could accuse me of playing favorites if I picked the winner of my latest giveaway, I asked husband to do it for me.

Of course we got busy with the class and many other things and I completely forgot about it until last night. So I ask husband if he drew a winner yet.

He looks at me funny. I know that look, it says "you mean draw as into write the names on little pieces of paper and pull one out of the hat.....silly girl, I wrote a program to do that."

He rolls his chair over to my computer grabs the mouse and finds a file on the computer. Gives me back the mouse and says "click on that exe"

Okay, "click"

A small screen comes up and there is a box and a button that says "spin".

He tells me to put the number of people that entered into the box and hit spin.

The number "18" appeared in the window. I start to count down from the top 1, 2, 3 . . . when I hear from husband's side of the office....."you should count from the bottom, it would be faster." Ah, yeah, I suppose so :D I hate when he gets all logical on me! :D

24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18 is Carl. No one is going to believe this!

So, husband's little program picked Carl from ILHM blog.

I promise you it had nothing to do with the fact that he just posted and interview about me this weekend.....technically...actually, literally technically.....husband picked him!!

Congrats Carl, I will get the stuff in the mail to you in a few days.


  1. Your boy and my boy could have a play date.

    There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned hand dip in the hat.

  2. Nothing better than a program who picks a random number for you. Can't even count on my fingers how many of those I made at work. :-)

    It's cool that you Husband is a programmer. I should go take a look at his blog too. We could probably share some exciting stories (for programmers at least).

    Good evening!

  3. LOL!! Looks like computer people and Halloween mix! I am always suprised how many haunters I meet that one of the parties involved is a computer nerd :D

    Looks Ghoul Friday has the right idea, you, husband and Ghoul Friday's boy need a play date :)


  4. Congrats to Carl! I had wondered what ever happen to your giveaway.


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