Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Did you know that

one of the other houses on the tour has a corpse skeleton in a pit?" Says a lady to me as she is now touring my yard and notices that small graveyard set up in my yard, right next to my garden shed.
Now, in my head I am wanting to say something clever like "Yes, did you not know this was the Ardenwald "haunted" secret garden tour? Did I forget to put that on the walking map?"

But instead I say, "Really? I had no idea." (cause, remember......I am evil)

She is very excited to tell me how I should really go check it out and introduce myself. "They like gardening and spooky stuff, I am sure you would be the best of friends!"

I smile to myself, and think, yes, in fact, we are :)


  1. This story gets cuter and cuter as it goes. It makes me giggle.

  2. HAHAHAH! im evil too. we are just evil.

  3. Frog Queen - I gave you an award/tag. Please check my blog whenever you get a chance. =)


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