Saturday, August 29, 2009

Now for something completely different

:D I have always wanted to type that as a blog heading :) This should really be a Frog Queen folly.....but no, not has been a long day. So humor me.

This is not at all Halloween related....unless you consider Labyrinth a horror movie - no, not even I can make that stretch. A little dark at times....maybe.

Someone posted an image of David Bowie on the LOLcleb site.

Being a huge fan of the film Labyrinth (and Bowie, especially in tights) I had to read some of the comments. Here is a thread of a few of the comments that made me choke on my iced green tea.

After a whole run through to the lyrics of Magic Dance line by line....groan, I was and singing in my head too :D

It started with someone saying
......Oh look, there is god! :) followed by

......If all major christian religions would concede that this is god, I'll become a nun.
(In my head I quickly agreed :)


......Amen to that!

:D If I was only that clever!!!

Took me back to Catholic school days....yeah, none of us girls would have ever, ever, ever missed morning service if that were the case (I know my sister and I would not have :).....nope, in fact we would have shown up early!!

Okay, back to prop making I am currnetly downloading Magic Dance to my iPod. Just for the record. It is the song that the Angel of Death will be built to - a bit of inside info.


  1. It seems to me that there's just enough religion in the world to make everyone hate one another but not enough to make them love. I wish that I could take credit for that phrase, it seems really relevant nowadays.

  2. That is a good one. Thanks for sharing.


  3. nice, theres no lack of love for Bowie in the world, Labyrinth > all!

  4. I love Bowie! Mr. Macabre I had not heard that saying before but its so true.


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