Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From Canada

with love.

Here are a few pictures of the progress on the transformation of my old angel prop (with the help of my Canadian friend) into my new Joan of Arc prop - or as PumpkinBrian enlightened me to - should be Jeanne d'Arc.

She is currently holding a sword, that is where the inspiration for this transformation came from. I posted that idea on my blog and PumpkinBrian (Okay, we are going to call him PB, cause that I am lazy and a bad typist - for the rest of this is better than calling him a banana :D ) was kind enough to offer his help. I jumped at the chance!!

Here is the progress on the transformation.

Carved a shield shape out of a piece of pink foam, took the jpg that PB gave me of her family crest, printed it out tiled, taped it together and then cut and dremeled the pattern into/out of the pink foam.

I then found a $6 ringlet/crown type thing and painted it with black spray paint and then dry brushed it with two different shades of gray.

I then took the elements from her crest and cut them out of thin craft foam. I glued them with polyurethane construction glue to the front of her dress. This is to give her outfit more of a "uniform" look. Not pictured - I then brushed the foam with monster mud to keep the consistant texture.

PB sent me a "quote" from her in French translated to English. I was originally going to use the French quote, but being the dense American that I am, I gave into to all the talk that no one would "get it" and went with the English translation.

I have to work with the existing base of the angel because this is one of our earlier props before we wised up and learned to create removable bases - which means she is stuck on her current base forever :)

So it was a long quote but I was able to make it fit. I picked a nice difficult to carve font, because I really wanted it to look special. My other tombstone carving buddy, who has helped me so much took one look at that and are on your own on that one :)

I created the file in Illustrator and printed it tiled to fit the 1" foam base.

I carved the wording into the foam and them decided that I wanted to tart it up a bit and add some scroll pieces to the side, so I glued a couple of strips of 2" white foam with Nano glue to the sides.

When the glue was dry I rounded out the foam corners to make the background of the plaque look like a scroll.

I drew on some swirly bits on the sides of the scrolls and carved in a deep groove.

I gave it another coat of black and let it dry.

I then painted both the shield and the plaque black. Not pictured, I did finish painting and aging the shield and the plaque. I am trying to figure placement of the shield at the base of her feet.

I have one more detail I want to run by PB tonight and then I plan to complete her transformation this weekend.


  1. What a great post!!

    Your props are so exciting. I love the walkthrough nature of this entry. Can't wait to see the final pictures of these updates.

  2. I can't wait to see it all come together :)

  3. wow! that's a lot of work! please show it off when you are done. so far so good.

  4. Very impressive work as always! :-)

  5. Frog Queen - you are always posting these cool things you make. What talent! In this case, I particularly like the shield prop. Very cool!


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