Saturday, August 29, 2009

During all the prop building

going on in my life I got another blog award. I almost forgot....and it is a cool one too!

I don't know how "domesticated" I actually am, but I will take the award as proof to the contrary :)

Thanks so much to my fellow blogger at the Enchanted Cauldron.

Check out the clock she is working on.
Oh, my that is a work of art!! It would look amazing in my house :D


  1. Woo hoo! Another one for the wall for Queenie! Congrats my dear =D

  2. Congrats Queenie! The clock would look better at my house, but she won't donate it to me!

  3. I hear you Captian....if is was not so close to Halloween...I (and you) :) might have extra cash.

    Here is to hopng she makes one in the off seasson!!!


  4. Congratulations! I want a clock like this too. It would fit very well in my orange dining room :-)


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