Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The not so itsy-bitsy

spider is coming to life in my garage. You saw the fate of spider #3 - he went out with the garbage this week :(

So I am working on the new spider based on a whole new perspective. Thanks to Toph's idea we are chucking the traditional crank spider out the window and going with a hanging spider.

His back two legs will be attached to a long piece of web (where we will hide the power cord) tied to the tree and the bottom two legs will hang down, resting on a cocoon. Instead of the legs moving, we are just planning to spin the cocoon and with the legs touching it they should move to look like the spider is cocooning it's victim.

Oh, and we do have a special victim planned, but that is another blog entry. Here is the progress on the spider so far.

Glued four pieces of 2" foam together and carved out a basic spider shape. Taking the large corners off with a hot knife and then using a rasp to create the shape.

Next I coated the spider in foam coat to see if I could smooth out the surface since I am painting it shinny instead of the muted colors in my yard, the surface needs to be real smooth (should have used the extruded foam :) He is drying in the arms of the "bowler" prop.
I then took eight pieces of steel rod and bent them at angles for the arms.

Here is where the prop always goes wrong for me. The arms; either they don't look right or don't work right. The last spider had more of a swimming motion rather than a walking motion.

So, after much debate, my idea of papier mache was quickly replaced with a new product called Friendly Plastic. I know, I had no idea there was a even a "non" friendly plastic. :)

Basically this is a plastic substance that you heat up, dye and then mold into any shape you want with your hands. One of my favorite minions really loves the stuff and is eager to play with it, so I gave in and handed the project over to him and am having him make the legs out of wire and Friendly plastic.

The stuff should arrive this weekend, I will let you know if he makes any progress.

BTW - now that I see that spider shape. The abdomen is too wide. I guess I know what I am doing tonight.

Good thing I picked up a fresh can of static spray :) Look for more pictures tomorrow.


  1. Cant wait to see the finished project Davises!

  2. I'm eager to see the finished project.

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  4. Love the idea of the spinning cocoon. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

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