Monday, August 24, 2009

Have I also mentioned

that you blogger friends are the best!!! I got two offers for moss!! Both Full Moon Industries and The Captain have me set for this season.

And I even got my own blog entry on The Captains blog. Damn, talk about making the Frog Queen feel special.
Look, here is a picture from his yard!! Wow, it really does grow on trees!!!
Both of you guys are the best!! Happy Halloween everyone from a very Happy Frog Queen!


  1. Glad you got your moss! How lucky he is to have all that spooky enchanting moss! :)

  2. do you sell your moss in small amounts? I'd love to buy some!

  3. I'll check on the postage this week (maybe tomorrow) and let you know :)

    Michelle, whats a small amount?

  4. woo hoo, best week ever for froggie! better buy that lotto ticket ;)

  5. The Captain is a pumpkin! Just in case he sends the moss before he gets my comment on his blog, I'll give you the same information... Spanish Moss can come full of red bugs, so you should be sure it's been treated; I haven't harvested any since I was a very little kid (with my grandmother's help), but I found this suggestion:

    Don't use Spanish moss for bedding or packing without first treating it to kill tiny pests (especially red bugs or chiggers) that may be lurking within. Microwaving works well, as does heating or boiling in water. (Remove bats, lizards and snakes before microwaving.)


    Looks like the Captain got his moss from up in the trees. Less likely to have chiggers if it wasn't close to the ground, but still something to be cautious of!

  6. Carrie - thanks for the heads up....warms my heart to think of microwaving moss :) That would be a funny blog post.

    Carl - good suggestion on the lotto ticket got one....if I win, I promise to cut you in :)


  7. I got your post Carrie. I wrote back to you there and left a message for you too FQ. I'm going to spray it with bug spray. If it has bugs, putting it in my microwave doesn't sound like such a good idea to me. :)

    Carl are you treating your moss?

  8. I will put it in a microwave....not the one in the house...the one I pick up from the thrift store.

    I can see the post now....

    I was mircowaving my moss, when suddenly..... :D



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