Saturday, August 8, 2009

Have I mentioned tonight

that I hate my blog buddy Carl from ILHM? :D

I have to get up early tomorrow to teach some nOObs how to use monster mud!!! That means I kinda have to be awake with all that sharp chicken wire and scissors!!!! But NOOOOOO I am up watching.....TV!!! You b*&!rd!!! :D

Yes, I innocently started watching my newly acquired Tales from the Crypt box sets, which I was going to thank him for.....that was until I started watching the extras.

Now, not only did I get a great education of the beginning of horror comics.....but I have likely spent a fortune - if I win all my bids (that I should be spending on props) on eBay, expanding the comic book collection that I swore to husband I was going to decrease.

Damn you (and thank you...because husband is now asleep) for my "distraction".


If my banana (or husband) does not kill me my blogger friends are!!!! :D


  1. That's one of my favorite shows, I love the opening where it gives a tour of that spooky house. Nothing like a good stick from some chicken wire to wake you up in the morning.


    I loved "Tales from the Crypt" and watched them on HBO back in the day.

    Enjoy :-)


  3. *puffs up unimpressive chest*
    Mike Vosburg is a buddy of mine-he did a lot of the art on Crypt. (Did a blog post on him awhile back, if you're interested!)

    Ouch! I think I strained something! ;o)

  4. I have the complete collection and I love em!

  5. Muwahahahaha.. At least now I will have someone to discuss the episodes with since I am rewatching everything after finding that lost time capsule in the closet full of the TftC box sets I horded a while back! Watch and discuss, I definitely want to know which episodes were your favorites Froggie!

  6. Just dying laughing at you calling hubby a banana. Thats just not right. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. The timing of this is quite funny (for me). I've just in the last 3 weeks watched my first ever episodes of Tales from the Crypt. I'm so hooked.

    :) Cheers!

  8. ShellHawk, saw that blog post and was impressed...jealous...impressed... but mostly jealous - damn! :)

    You, my dear, are the main reason I jumped getting the set for myself. :) I told you I read your blog from beginning to end!!!

    So, now, you AND Carl owe me some Red Bull...... :D

    And I used to call you my friends....excuse me now while I go sobbing in the corner.....
    :(( Waaaaahhhhhhh!

    :D :D

  9. Ah yes, buying comics on Ebay. I struggled with that addiction for several years. Finally conquered it. By turning my attention to buying Coronation Street DVD's . . . from Ebay. :D

  10. Ooh a Tales From The Crypt marathon sounds like fun! Makes me wish I owned some. Hmm...I wonder if I can catch some on Hulu? I'm off to see!


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