Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I think that skull

is on FIRE!

Holy crap! I jump up from my chair and grab a "non-alcoholic" beverage - something that can be hard to do on our patio - and douse the flaming skull.

WTF just happened?

In case you did not know, I am here to educate you with this valuable information - plaster of paris burns! I am sure the wax candle on top helped a bit :D

Hum, that means that all the skulls with candles burning on top of them on my patio are potential ghost rider movie props.

As cool as that sounds, not very safe.

So, husband to the rescue! He and Toph decided to try using our old rubber skull molds to cast concrete! Worked great. I currently have a whole row of cement skulls on my outdoor fireplace.

But the best part are these "experiments". He did not have enough concrete to fill a mold so he made a few faces. I put them in my gravel area under the magnolia tree. They are up all year long, of course ;D

We are going to cast a few more skulls over the next few weeks. I will make a few to giveaway on the blog.

Check back for details.


  1. Those little guys look a wee bit awesome. And I am picky about skulls. ;)

  2. Awesome skulls! Any video taken of the flaming one? :)

  3. Yes I second pics of the flaming skulls!!

    I agree - not a good idea to have them lined up on your porch.

  4. Flaming Skulls sounds like a good name for a cocktail. I like the ones you made!

  5. I cant help but laugh at the awesomeness of going outside and having the yard ablaze due to skulls plus wax, but glad you guys caught that! No burning down the graveyard!!

  6. Now THAT is the most awesome thing I have ever seen! Soooo cool!

  7. Funny stuff, now that the fire is out. Those skulls look great, and concrete will last forever. Sign me up for the giveaway!

  8. Carl...I am sure I would have had a real hard time filling out the insurance paper work for that claim! :)

  9. Again...LOVE the skulls. (Saw the second post first.) If you give one away, sign me up. If you sell them, tell me how much and I'll send you the money! I do believe these are my favorite Halloween item I've seen this season...and I am picky! You guys ROCK!

  10. Nice skulls! They look great! Sign me up for the giveaway!


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