Friday, August 14, 2009

I have to admit

something to all of you. You know I love blogging and blog almost you might think, where does she find the time everyday to do that?

Ah, well, that time is actually between about midnight to 3:00 am on Saturday night (I know, I am a party animal.) I write a dozen or more entries and schedule them all to post on different days. Sneaky aren't I?

That way, most days, I just check all your blogs while mine is on auto pilot.

Well not completely, take this post for instance. I just found out (what some of you knew already) that I got a blog award from Creepy Cupcakes! Woohoo! And a nice write up, rendered me (almost - good try) speechless. That was very sweet.

So I must make the time to post my latest blog award.

Now I have also received awards from some of you other great bloggers and I promise I am working on an idea to display them all. They are safely sitting in a folder on my harddrive. Hopefully I get to that before Halloween, but don't get your hopes up. The props will always come first. :)

Thanks again to Creepy Cupcakes and all of you great bloggers out there. This on the best experiences I have had with like minded people. Cause not all Halloween people are nice :( But we are talking about happy things now and that is a post for another day.

Now, back to prop building...and helping Carrie with her lovely wedding invites!!


  1. It seems highly unlikely that you're unaware of Eric Wilhelm's Instructables, ( but have you ever borrowed ideas from or contributed to his site?
    I have no creative talent apart from coming up with easily-made odd costurmes, so I look forward to your blog daily for projects I might scam.

  2. Muwahaha me and Froggie are evil geniuses, I pre-schedule all of my morning posts as well, but the reviews are written on an "As-seen" basis in the evenings. Yay for blog awards!

  3. hehe - gosh I'm bad at blogging; I didn't even see this post, I got much to much caught up on the mailman story (which left me in a fit of giggles... husband to be even laughed).

    I was really happy when your red skully wrap post was at the top of my blog list (when I sat down to pick a winner) - 'what a fitting blogger,' I thought; I am also guilty of pre-scheduling posts, even the blog award! :)

    Would you believe me if I told you I was planning October and November already? I think I'll be too busy to write around then! ;)


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