Friday, August 14, 2009

Okay, I am going to

give this a try. I found a can of spray paint for plastic in one of my spray paint tubs, I don't ever remember buying it. I think that is a sign I have too much stuff :)

So, I think this would be perfect to help me with a new monument piece for the yard. I have a new monument in the works I call "bowler" cause it holding a bowl. Clever aren't I. :D

I found a bowl at the thrift store that was just the size and shape I was even a Halloween bowl. Now that is just too amazing!

Anyway, it had a lip on it that ruined the look, so I had husband sand out the lip on edge and then I took the plastic spray paint to it.

You know what? That worked! Wow! I mean if I really wanted to scratch it off I could, but I am impressed. I am going to cover it in monster mud anyway, but at least no purple and orange will be showing through.

I tried painting a plastic chair like on the picture. It is "curing" in the garage. I will check it this weekend to see if it does in fact work.

If it does....I have a project for that free help I have access to :) Seriously, I will pay the kids this time - I have about 8 chairs that I would love to have all black for the party. If this works I will be so happy!

Wait, what is that ....everyone has their hand up? You have a question?

Why, yes we do "Why a monument of a person holding a bowl oh Frog Queen?"

Ah, yes, remember in the off season when I was obsessed with playing Fable 2 with husband and I marveled at the amazing graveyard pictures? If not, here is a link (check out this Fable related link too - one of my favorites) to that post.

Anyway, one of the monuments in the game was of a cloaked figure holding a sacrificial bowl. I really like the look it is a prop.

You did not all seriously think the stuff just came out of my head did you? :D


  1. You should really play to The Witcher then. There are 2 really cool cemeteries in the game. You might get some inspiration there too. I've got inspiration for a prop I will be building next year. I won't say more, you will have to wait until it's done.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished bowler. I'm curious to see the chairs as well, I was looking at that type of paint at the "big orange store" a while back but didn't buy any because I didn't believe that it would turn out nice. Beside my wife would kill me if I screwed up all the plastic chairs and a table! :)

  3. PumpkinBrian - turns out Husband does in fact have that game and did play it or started to play it. I will get it installed on my PC and give it a try!!



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