Tuesday, August 11, 2009


things in the yard. Not very Halloweenish....but I will take it.

So, in order to get my friends to come over and help with Halloween props - cause I am in full panic mode right now :D - they had to bring their (great) kids, who were in fact grounded and could not bring the DSs so dad had them pull all the glass baubles out from between the stones in the patio area, pull the weeds, put sand down, clean the glass baubles and put them back.

It is very shinny and sparkly now.

Wow....I would have never gotten to that project....almost makes me wish I had some kids....this free labor thing is awfully cool!

Yeah, no, I think I will just keep borrowing my friends kids :)


  1. Dig the glass out of the crevices, clean it, then put it back? Man, those are some great kids! -- Mykal

  2. Wow, that would be a lot of work to clean the baubles. I want to borrow your friend's kids!

  3. I bet those kids will never misbehave again. Sounds like quite a chore!

    And yes, just keep borrowing kids...much cheaper. :)

  4. The thing about kids is that they're MUCH more co-operative outside their own home. If they were yours, you would have had to pay big bucks for that kind of labour!

  5. Sorry we're not closer to help, no kids but we act like we are! ☺


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