Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guess I cannot work today

since the finger scanner that logs me into my computer no longer recognizes my fingerprint.

I am headed home....I wish.

So, the fun people in our IT department decided to add these nifty scanners for logging in to your system. They read your fingerprint and automatically logs you into the system...some very cool magic if you ask me.

When they set us up they made me catch an image of the index finger on each hand. I thought that was kind of weird and overkill.

That was until Monday morning.

I go to login to my system and a little question mark comes up over the thumbprint image. That cannot be good. :(

I try several times and it will not recognize my fingerprint....what is up?

I look at my hand. Ah, yes, I have been making props all weekend and despite a lot of scrubbing with different chemicals and brushed, there is still some glue and/or Great Stuff left on my fingers....(I know I should have worn gloves!!!)

I get out a nail file and try to "sand" some of the residue off my fingers and try again.

??? Yeah, not the brightest idea I have ever had. To my defense it was early...and a Monday. Have I mentioned that right after spiders....I hate mornings :)

Nope, still will not work, now, likely from a lack of fingerprint :)

After all this, the system prompts me to manually enter my password.

Okay, the downside to having this cool fingerprint login is that I no longer have any idea what my password is since I don't have to type it several times a day.

Then I remember....I can use my other hand!

I give that a try, and yep, that works, I am in the system!!

Damn, that was close :) Definitely wearing gloves this weekend. Or I need to make a good rubber cast of my fingers and just keep them in the drawer.....mind you, this likely violates several security protocols.......but it sounds like fun!


  1. I remember having to log with a finger print scanner several years ago when I was taking martial art courses. It wasn't working very well. Almost one time on two the finger print scanner and/or the computer was crashing. Needless to say, though, that this technology is very useful when it is working. :-)

  2. A day off was almost within your reach! Should have just turned around and gone home ;)


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