Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It is not another

blog. Think of it as footnotes. You know when you are reading and you see that "*" sign that identifies that there is information at the bottom of the page. Some reference information or citing.

That is what I created The Frog Queen Follies is for.

If you see this picture at the bottom of one of my blog posts, that means that I have went off on a tangent, cite my source of inspiration or want to give you more detail about this post. Most of it will likely be irrelevant to the subject - a bit like some of my silly Halloween follies.

The idea came more out of necessity than want. I found myself editing a lot of stuff out of my posts to keep them short, but it was info that I still wanted to share. So I took inspiration from one of my favorite writers - the genius, Sir Terry Prachett.

If you have read his books (and you should, they are brilliant) you are smiling to yourself and know exactly what I am doing. If you do not (and you should, they are brilliant - and I will keep repeating myself until you read them ;D ) then let me explain.

Upon reading a almost any Pratchett novel you will notice that there appears to be a lot of....words, as books will be nature :) and an excess of footnotes. Although always informative, not all the information in completely relevant to the that exact story you are reading. One thing, they are always entertaining.

I in no way possess the immense writing skill that he does, so don't expect too much. This is mostly here to entertain myself.
Thanks to my lovely friend Wendy at No.5 Studio for letting me use the picture she created for me.

I have footnoted these blog entries as an example.
Thanks for letting me babble....back to prop building!!


  1. I love it, great little idea that will allow us to get deeper into the mind of our favorite frog!

  2. Hey, what a great idea :) A "sub-blog" rather than an entirely separate creation.

  3. Very nice and interesting idea. I like it!


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