Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have to apologize

to my friend Travis. I am really, really sorry I missed your wedding.

We did it to ourselves. We overbooked our Tombstone class last weekend.

How much more work could 3 more people add to the process.

A couple of hours it seems. Enough to make you miss a wedding.

I feel terrible....but here is my excuse :D

Here are the photos from our very large tombstone making class.

I want to send a big thank you out to all the friends that made this happen. We could not have done it without you. We would likely still be teaching this very moment if it was not for:

The Babbling Banshee (aka Karen)
(a special thanks to Max, Gabe and Lex for letting us borrow your parents!!)

You guys are the best!

We had a great time with everyone. Not only did we make 15 tombstones, meet new friends, but we went over:

Molding and casting basics
lighting with Minispotlights
monster mud/papier mache
How to cleanup and age a Bucky
foam carving
facade building
and answered endless questions.....

So as the last person is leaving I take a look over at the clock, which says 3:30 pm.


No way!! Really!!

Oh, I am in BIG trouble!!

I missed a friend's wedding!!! The class was supposed to be over at 1:00 pm and the wedding was at 2:00 (only a few minutes away) - I am so going to have to buy him an additional wedding present!! So, sorry Travis!!

Valuable lesson learned. 12 is a good number for a tombstone class - that is going to stay our max class size. And we really should do a Davis Graveyard overview presentation like we did at Hauntcon a few years ago, it was a crash course overview of how all the props are made. Bring your notebooks for that one boys and girls.....we can cram a lot of information in one hour! :)

Sounds like a class for 2010.


  1. Well to be fair the accident out front must have slowed things down a bit time wise too. We were at a beach wedding that same afternoon with a barn wedding this Saturday. Don't these people know we have Halloween things to do in August. LOL

  2. LOL! I hear ya sista! Thanks for the support! :)


  3. Hey Chris sorry I haven't been around as much...been busy with that "August Halloween" art too! '-)

    You have been busy busy with your preparations...keep up the great work!

    Hope you are having a nice week.

    SpOOky Hugs,
    Chris (-:

  4. How fun is this? I wish there were classes like this when I was in school.


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