Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is what happens

When you make the mold the right way :)

Here is the algenite with resin (plastic) poured in. Funny, plastic does not seem to absorb as much water :D

We only needed one hand, so we did this the cheap way. When we cast something for multiple uses we use a higher grade of algenite and use hard plastic to cast the positive. We are big fans of the products from Smooth On. They have great kits to help you with any job you have in mind and if you have a chance to go haunt conventions they are always helpful and are a great wealth of knowledge on casting. If I can't find husband at the show....he is likely at their booth :)

Anyway, these came out much better. We have a bit of patching and sanding to do and one of them will be the hand that the new angel is holding over her heart.


  1. Agreed, those certainly look more like hands, but nothing like the strange ballooning mushroom from before =D


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