Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I bet you did not know

when ever I get a package in the mail, it comes with cat toys. Whether you intended to or not, every time you send me something....there is very likely some part of the packaging that will end up entertaining the cats for about 2 minutes :)

I tossed the ribbon from the packaging from the picture I got from Chris into the empty box from the stuff I got from Carl.

Dorie got right in and started playing. Later her brother Mason could be found sleeping in the box....I have no idea where the ribbon is now. :)


  1. you'll find that ribbon somewhere... over 3 years or so hahah!


  2. omg...they are so cute. i wonder where the ribbon will show up?

  3. Aren't they great...ya gotta love cats cause they can always find something to entertain themselves with. They are very resourceful!

  4. Your Kitties are adorable! I could spend all day watching ours play.... which is probably why I don't get as much done as I should. But I think it is time well spent. :0)

  5. My male dog is the same way. Any leftover overs or ribbons, strings, etc. from packages = his toys! Cute kittie btw.

  6. Man, that's cute. You know, my cat, Jerome, always finds cat toys in my bags from shopping as well. -- Mykal


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