Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anything look out of place?

Here are some pictures of things going on in the Frog Queens garden.

Normal as the next person's, right? :D


  1. Is that first plant on your roof? Yeah pumpkins and tomatoes! My garden has completely gone to shat, the only tool I can use in it right now is the weed-eater!

  2. LOL looks a little like my garden. giggle

  3. Loving the skeleton being strangled by the vines...must try something similar here!

  4. Captain...that is the roof of the garden shed. It completely covers the roof every year. I cut it down in October and use it in the yard. Perfect plant if you ask me :)

    Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Carl = jealous, my garden = fake grass, I gave up on the yard and just demoed everything. Someday, when the sun actually sits on my yard for more than 5m a day, maybe I can have some flowers, froggies, and skeletons too =D

  6. Love your garden pics! Is that sweet autumn clematis climbing up your shed? Heavenly scent! I moved mine this spring to the arbor by my pond where I also grow purple hyacinth bean. My eldest is going to be married beneath it next year.

    Love the skelly entwined in vines : D



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